We focus on the social transformation induced by digitisation in the areas work, energy supply, care and health. In our projects, we analyse for example the attitudes and requirements of users during the implementation of new digital technologies. We also evaluate the inclusion of stakeholders during the development process of digital technologies. With our expertise in Responsible Research and Inovation we support innovation processes based on reflexivity, responsiveness and anticipation.

Research Topic

Our projects on this research topic

The project VEKIAA investigates how the workplace integration of digital assistants based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be done in the most responsible way possible.

dAIalog.at aims at creating new methods of participatory technology design for the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) through workshops.

IFZ accompanies the first smart meter rollout of the company "Energienetze Steiermark" (provider of the styrian electricity grid) in a socioscientific way with the help of interviews and focus groups, in order to determine the concerns of the customers and to make recommendations for a socially acceptable introduction of smart meters.

The project examined the contribution of Smart Meters to the energy reduction of private homes.