Anslinger, Julian | Germany

Anslinger, Julian | Germany

Julian Anslinger wrote his PhD thesis (submitted May, 2019) in social psychology at the Center of Excellence for Cognitive Interaction Technology (CITEC) in the work group applied social psychology and gender research. He is expert for social-psychological processes, gender studies, quantitative methods and scientific communication. His areas of research are social gender justice in academia and research, stereotypes, sexual objectification and harassment, sexism, judgment and decision making as well as queer-feminist science and technology studies

Currently he is working at IFZ Graz in the department of Women* – Technology – Environment  and member of the work group Queer STS. He is working in the projects CHANGE and VITAPATCH .

In the beginning of 2019 Julian Anslinger was awarded with a scholarship of the of the Bielefelder Fund for Young Scientists (Bielefelder Nachwuchsfonds). He is fellow at the Institute for Advanced Studies on Science, Technology and Society (IAS-STS), Graz since July 2019.


Contact:, Skype: JulianAnslinger


Selected Publications

Vogrincic-Haselbacher, C., Dinslaken, I., Athenstaedt, U., Lurger, B., Anslinger, J., Florian, C., Florack, A., et al. (submitted). Consumer decisions in a simulated online purchase: Determinants of information search behaviour and decision quality. Journal of Consumer Behaviour.

Anslinger, J., & Athenstaedt, U. (2015). Eine sozialpsychologische Ursachensuche: Vorurteile, Stereotype und Intergruppenprozesse. In K. Scherke (Ed.), Gesellschaft der Unterschiede: Vol. 23. Spannungsfeld »Gesellschaftliche Vielfalt«. Begegnungen zwischen Wissenschaft und Praxis (pp. 53-74). Bielefeld: transcript.

Queer STS [Anslinger, J., Hofstätter, B., Käfer, J., Kink, S., Scheer, L., Thaler, A., & Wicher, M.] (2013). Geschlechterwissen in der Hirnforschung: Ein queerer Blick aus den Science and Technology Studies. Freiburger Zeitschrift für Geschlechterstudien, 19(1), 67-84. doi:10.3224/09489975113

Thaler, A., Anslinger, J., Hofstätter, B., Käfer, J., Kink, S., Scheer, L., & Wicher, M. (2013). Queer STS – Eine queere Perspektive der Technik- und Wissenschaftsforschung. Soziale Technik, 23(1), 18-20.

Anslinger, J., Hofstätter, B., Käfer, J., Kink, S., Scheer, L., Thaler, A., & Wicher, M. (2012). Queer perspectives on psychological studies on the relationship between sex and intelligence. In T.  Berger & G. Getzinger (Eds.), Proceedings of the 11th Annual IAS-STS Conference on Critical Issues in Science and Technology Studies Graz: IFZ Eigenverlag