Boyu, Zhang | China

Zhang Boyu

Zhang Boyu is a doctoral candidate at The Research Center for Philosophy of Science and Technology at Shanxi University, China. He did his undergraduate studies at the Shanxi University, where he graduated in the software engineering, then he entered into the center and started the further research. His research focuses on the philosophy of computer science, especially on the algorithm. His aim is to analyze the development of the algorithm in philosophy of computer science and clarify the development trend and main characteristics of philosophy of computer science from the angle of the algorithm.


Project at IAS-STS: The research of algorithm in philosophy of computer science

The history of computer science is short and complicated, but the argument about philosophy of calculation, representation and algorithm has never stopped. A proper definition of the algorithm would help computer scientists to promote discussion of relationships between theories and programs. So the concurrent research of the algorithm in computer science is much needed in the context of history and technology. The history of the algorithm can back onto the ancient Greek period, but in the computational context the algorithm is as the mathematical foundation of computer science and affects its foundation and development. I am trying to find out the changes of the algorithm in historical way. In the course of computer science development, one is the continuous improvement on hardware technology, other is continuous improvement on software algorithms, and both those factors made computer science got significant progress. I am trying to analyze the development process and the changing trend of computer science from the perspective of the algorithm, and analyze the characteristics of computer science philosophy.