Faludi, Julianna | Hungary

Julianna Faludi, Hungary

Julianna Faludi PhD is a sociologist researching social innovation, the relation of human and technology, and digital entrepreneurship. Her approach stems from the framework of open/collaborative/user innovation and modularity, that was explored in her Dissertation on open innovation in the design-driven industries. She obtained her PhD at the University of Trento (Italy) in Local Development, and Sociology at the Corvinus University of Budapest (Hungary). Her recent project involved investigation of collaborative practices based on ethnography of social hackathons being a mentor of digital startup projects collaborating with the Impact Hub and Makerspace in Budapest, and the European Youth Award in Austria. She was an invited keynote speaker at the Graz Design Month 2019, with her talk on “Liberate the User”. Julianna is active in teaching courses related to Sociology or Branding, as well as organizing events for communicating with the wider public. Julianna is an invited speaker and guide at Art events, and she was also broadcasting a radio show for years as editor and speaker. She has a record of publications in various fields.

Project at IAS-STS: Digital Solutions and Activism in Food Production

he quest for addressing the problems of feeding the planet, uncontrolled supply-chains, and meat production has created communities of digital farmers embracing algae, insects, fake-meat, home-gardens. Technology does not seem to close the gap between nature and culture, but it rather gives back agency that is captured by the industrialized food production. Makers and maker-entrepreneurs develop solutions for personalized nutritional needs, meeting the need for clean urban food and sustainable systems. They are constructing in-house urban farms and vertical gardens adjustable to any environment from large lofts to tiny apartments using digital technologies. This research takes stock of the initiatives of the new urban ecology of sustainable self-supplying systems in the vein of ‘home food engineering’, where technology gives back agency and control over food quality and production. This research contributes with a critical analysis of social impact of these initiatives, and draws on the Polanyian frame of embeddedness for placing in the context of social systems for change.   


Contact: julianna.faludi@uni-corvinus.hu


Selected Publications


Faludi Julianna 2014. Fifty Shades of Innovation. From Open, Toward User and Collaborative Innovation. An Overview, Budapest Management Review (Vezetéstudomány), 45/11: 33-43

Faludi Julianna 2019. Innovation Practices and Business Models of Shared Machine Shops, forthcoming in Strategic Design Management

Faludi Julianna, 2019. How to Create Social Value by Digital Social Innovation? Unlocking the Potential for Social Impactof Digital Startups under review: Journal of Social Entrepreneurship

Faludi Julianna 2019. The Paradigm of the Creative Class in Regional and Urban Development Revisited. An Overview, Corvinus Journal of Sociology and Social Policy

Faludi, Julianna 2015. Open Innovation Patterns in the Performing Arts. Corvinus Journal of Sociology and Social Policy, 61/1: 47-70