Richmond, Karen | United Kingdom

Karen Richmond, United Kingdom

Karen Richmond, PhD is a socio-legal scholar, currently working as a postdoctoral researcher with the European Graduate School (Division of Philosophy, Art, and Critical Theory). She completed her undergraduate studies at University of Edinburgh, graduating in law. Her work focuses on the interactions between law, and science, with a particular focus on the construction, and regulation, of expert scientific evidence. She has worked at the University of Edinburgh, and the Leverhulme Research Centre for Forensic Science. More information here:


Project at IAS-STS: Interdisciplinary Expertise in Theory and Practice

The primary objective of the project is to develop, articulate, and disseminate, a coherent theory of interdisciplinary expertise, which accounts for the relational, and situated, nature of specialist knowledge, operating across disciplinary boundaries. Theoretical development will enable the production of guidance which can be utilised by non-academic specialists to mobilize, and exploit, the most appropriate forms of expertise, with a view to establishing a sound knowledge base for better governance. This keys into current work on implementing RRI goals, in conformance with EU Horizon 2020 objectives.

The development of a comprehensive model of expert interdisciplinary knowledge production will also enable policy-makers (and associated institutional actors) to demonstrate a rational and justifiable policy process, in addition to a justifiable policy outcome, especially in contentious situations where the latter may be uncertain. This will enhance the ability of policy-makers to set up a facilitative regulatory environment.

Such guidance will meet the epistemological and ontological challenges posed by the politicisation of knowledge creation and the use of interdisciplinary experts within the public realm, and enable users to better understand the limits of expertise.



Selected Publications

Richmond, K., 3 Sep 2018, Interdisciplinary Research in Law and Forensic Science: From 'silos' to systems. In Critical Issues in Science, Technology and Society Studies: Conference Proceedings of the 17th STS Conference Graz 2018, 7th - 8th May 2018. Getzinger, G. (ed.). Graz, Austria: Technischen Universität Graz, p. 166 - 175 10 p.

 Richmond, K., Streamlined Forensic Reporting: 'Swift and sure justice'? (2018) : Journal of Criminal Law. 82, Vol. 2, p. 156-177 22 p.

Richmond, K Customer-Driven Standardisation in the Forensic Science Market in England and Wales’ in Kai Jakobs (Ed.) Managing Corporate Standardisation and Meeting Economic Demands (2019) (IGI Global: Pennsylvania)

Richmond, K. ‘The Uncanny Valley:  Extimité  and the Lacanian Subject’  Queer-Feminist Science and Technology Studies Forum, Volume 4, (2019).

Forthcoming publication:

Richmond, K (2020) Marketised Forensic Science Provision in England & Wales (Emerald Publishing: London)