Yao, Zhao | China

Zhao Yao, China

Zhao Yao is a doctoral candidate at the Research Center for Philosophy of Science and Technology at Shanxi University, China. Her research focuses on ethic framework of responsible innovation and relationship between freedom and responsibility in RI. She did her undergraduate studies at Shanxi University, where she graduated in philosophy and received a double bachelor's degree in philosophy and Chinese language and literature.

Project at IAS-STS: Research of ethical framework of Responsible Innovation and application of RI in China’s clean energy projects

Responsible Innovation is one of the most important topics in the current research of philosophy of technology. The research on RI has achieved fruitful results in Europe, but this field is still in its infancy in China. And how the successful experience of EU can be applied to China, a developing country, still needs a long time to explore. My topic focuses on the ethic realm of RI, the problems I want to study mainly include the following aspects:

(1)The roots of RI lie in various scientific, technological and social researches, and applied ethics is one of the roots. Can RI be understood as an ethical framework? How to embed the dimension of freedom in the framework of RI?

(2)Stakeholders’ participation are very important in the framework of RI, are each stakeholder equal in the ideal framework? How to achieve balance among stakeholders? How to adjust the weight of stakeholders in different contexts?

(3) Understand the role of enterprises, government and the public in RI of EU through the in-depth study of the successful cases of responsible innovation in EU, and compare it with China's innovation projects, especially the clean energy projects in Shanxi Province. Consider whether China's innovation


Contact: zy15525085400@163.com


Selected Publications

“A Brief Analysis of Technological Philosophy of Humanistic Tradition”, Social Sciences Journal of Universities in Shanxi, second author, published in 2016(2).

“Philosophy of Technology and Engineering: Analytical and Practical Trends”, Studies in Philosophy of Science and Technology, second author, published in 2017(2).