You can either apply for the appointment as research fellow or as visiting scholar:

  • Research Fellows usually reside with the IAS-STS from the 1 October to 30 June. In exceptional cases, this period may be shortened or extended, but it should not exceed two years
  • Visiting Scholars usually work at the IAS-STS for a shorter period of time (e.g. one month)

Go to "Application" to find further information about the process and the application form.

The Director of the IAS-STS decides on appointments after consultation with the Scientific Advisory Board. In order to ensure an interdisciplinary structure and wide variety of research methods, the Institute endeavours to appoint Research Fellows and Visiting Scholars from a wide range of disciplinary backgrounds. Moreover, the IAS-STS aims to appoint an equal number of male and female researchers.

Research Fellows and Visiting Scholars are expected to write a publication on the subject of their work for the IAS-STS Yearbook, to give lectures, and to actively take part in seminars, workshops and the annual IAS-STS Conference. The working language at the IAS-STS is English.

Director and Scientific Advisory Board

  • Prof. Dr. Günter Getzinger (Director) | STS Unit der TU Graz, Austria
  • Prof. Dr. Harald Rohracher | Linköping University, Sweden
  • Mag. Jürgen Suschek-Berger | IFZ Graz, Austria