Information about the applications of the Fellowship Programme 2024/2025

You can either apply for the appointment as research fellow or as visiting scholar.

  • Research fellows reside at IAS-STS from october 1st to june 30th. In exceptional cases, this period may be shortened or extended, but it should not exceed two years.
  • Visiting scholars usually work at IAS-STS for a shorter period of time, e. g. one month.

Successful candidated do not have to attend specialized courses or other educational programmes at IAS-STS. Fellows have the freedom to choose the research project they want to follow at IAS-STS as long as it falls within the Fellowship Programme. Whether you are a PhD student writing your thesis, or a senior academic working on a paper or book, you will be most welcome at IAS-STS. We offer you a stimulating work environment, surrounded by experts in the field of science, technology, society and their interrelationships.

Suitable Applicants

The research which research fellows or visiting scholars would like to undertake has to fall within the thematical framework of the five issues outlined in the Fellowship Programme (see below).

IAS-STS is directed at both young and senior scientistes. Eligible candidates must have completed university or college studies. Preference is given to applicants working on their thesis or their postdoctoral research. IAS-STS is open to participants from all countries and academic positions.

In order to ensure an interdisciplinary structure and a variety of research methods, IAS-STS endeavours to appoint research fellows and visiting scholars from different disciplinary backgrounds. Moreover, IAS-STS aims to appoint an equal number of male and female researchers.

Research fellows and visiting scholars are expected to give lectures, and to actively take part in seminars, workshops and the annual IAS-STS Conference. The working language at IAS-STS is English.

Application Periode: 15 March – 15 May 2024

Please send all application documents in pdf-format.