Funk, Johannes | Austria

Funk, Johannes | Austria

Johannes Funk, DI has studied Process Engineering and Materials Science at the Technical University Graz and is currently employed by AVL List GmbH as a Development Engineer for fuel cell systems.
During his time at university and beyond he has been focusing on novel technologies and sustainable solutions in the mobility and energy sector and also took the opportunities of several internships at companies in the mobility and chemical industry. He is particularly interested in the worldwide shift towards renewable energy sources and the psychological and ethic factor of technology in society.
Further he has also spent some time at research facilities in Austria and Germany working on fuel cell technologies during his master degree. Besides his professional career he prefers to spend his time outdoors through different activities to enjoy the beauty nature has to offer.

After graduation he came across the topic of the ecological impact of private housings and their contribution to the global and domestic footprint in the form of energy demand and greenhouse gas emissions. At the moment he is working on a study covering the current situation of housing renovations in the federal state of Styria, focusing on the problem of how to promote the rate of renovations by analyzing the kinks and difficulties involved in the process and developing and idea to overcome those.

Project at IAS-STS: Renovations of Single- and Double-Family-houses - an Analysis of the Barriers and Suggestions for their Negotiation 

The rate of renovations and refurbishments of existing homes in Austria has dropped below the 1% mark over the recent years. In oder to reach the nationwide targets of the governments Climate- and Energy Strategy and further fulfill Austria's international duties regarding climate change and sustainability it is paramount to raise this value significantly, in particular in the sector of thermal and energetic refurbishments. The target of this project should be to identify the key factors hampering and promoting the development of the renovation activities in the federal state of Styria and beyond.