Modelling Health - Computer Modelling for Better Health

The centerpiece of the project is the design of a health avatar that can model the health of a person. In the future, such a "health twin" could be used to simulate biophysiological processes on the basis of medical parameters, environmental conditions and behavioral variables.


Zukunftsfonds Steiermark


Das Projekt wurde über die Alpen-Adria-Universität abgewickelt




Medizinische Universität Graz

As an interface technology, health avatars create a new basis for medical action. A variety of parameters, including data from sensors, clinical data, molecular data, etc., can be evaluated integrally, the efficacy of treatments can be tested, and possible risk reports can be displayed for a targeted disease prevention. The potential of this technology is enormous and is developed and analyzed in this project in the context of "Healthy Ageing and Assisted Living".

The vision of comprehensive medical modeling through complex information technologies is a large-scale innovation project and also involves sensitive areas of life and privacy. Within the scope of the project, expert profiles and scenario workshops are used to characterize user profiles and to identify acceptance potentials as well as critically reflect them. On the basis of this, national and international R & D strategies are developed and innovation targets are formulated for Styrian companies. Through the interdisciplinary collaboration of social sciences and natural sciences, a knowledge base is to be provided, on the basis of which comprehensive medical modeling in silico can be tackled.

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