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Our colleague Anita Thaler (head of the research unit Gender, Science and Technology) met and exchanged ideas with 75 women who work in electronics and software industries. Her talk followed presentations from successful engineers Heike Schwager (Senior Director Automotive Radar Development, Infineon AG), Jennifer Zhao (EVP and GM in Advanced Optical Sensors Division, ams AG) and Sabine Martinjak (Women in Tech Lead, Bulme Graz). The international online event, organised by the Graz Women in Engineering core team, took place on June 23rd 2021, the International Women in Engineering Day to celebrate women in technology jobs, but also to reflect on difficulties in the engineering working environment.


"What is fair AI?" and "How can fair AI be implemented in practice?" these and other relevant questions about human-centered AI research were the focus of an online event on May 15 2021. At the event, organized by AIT and the University of Salzburg, four FFG-funded projects and their key findings were presented and reflected upon in a discussion round with experts. Anita Thaler (IFZ) presented project results from the dAIalog.at project led by IFZ and referred in particular to the importance of involving stakeholders in the development process at an early stage (e.g. works council members and gender- and inclusion-representatives). How this can be done with concrete participatory formats and at which points fairness in AI model development, AI training, AI implementation and data storage has to be taken into account, can be read in the report available for download at www.dAIalog.at (open access).

The 19th Annual STS Conference Graz 2021 "Critical Issues in Science, Technology and Society Studies" is the joint Annual Conference of the Science Technology and Society Unit of the Institute of Interactive Systems and Data Science of Graz University of Technology, the Interdisciplinary Research Centre for Technology, Work and Culture (IFZ) and the Institute for Advanced Studies of Science, Technology and Society (IAS-STS).


Anita Thaler and Julian Anslinger researched for FELIN_female leaders initiative how companies have changed in the Covid-19 pandemic, and which challenges leaders, especially female leaders, had to face and with what kind of strategies they reacted to those changes.
The result is an insight into ten Styrian organisations from the logistics, technology, travel agency, health, and public services sector.


The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world and no one’s life was untouched by the measures taken since spring 2020 by governments to contain the virus. Anita Thaler and her Queer STS colleagues Daniela Jauk, Birgit Hofstätter and Magdalena Wicher took this contemporary crisis as a starting point for scholarly and personal reflection in the fifth issue of the Queer STS Forum.