First Outcomes from the PLANET4B project on biodiversity

Projektteam PLANET 4B

21. November 2023

Biodiversity loss, alongside climate change, stands as one of humanity's most pressing challenges. Despite its significance, biodiversity is often sidelined in policy decision-making. Addressing this gap, PLANET4B, an innovative research project, delves into understanding how decision-making processes influence biodiversity. 

Today, PLANET4B announces the release of its initial findings. The project continues its exploration into the reasons behind this oversight and seeks ways to better integrate biodiversity considerations at various decision-making levels. These early results comprise the following released reports: 

1.  'Directory of Intervention Methods', presents a unique collection of 100 different creative tools that can potentially influence attitudes and decision-making on biodiversity. 

2.  ‘Comprehensive analysis of biodiversity discourse', focusing on how different social groups perceive and communicate about biodiversity.

3.  Further pioneering analyses  investigate the role of intersectionality and

4.  social and behavioural science theories for mapping out potential factors of individual, community, and institutional decision-making. 


The Austrian case study by PLANET4B is dedicated to the exemplary implementation of a green space concept for the city of Graz, developed together with stakeholders and citizens, in order to make the vision of an "inclusive, biodiverse edible city" tangible for everyone. "Green spaces in urban areas not only have great potential to promote biodiversity in the city, but also fulfil a variety of other ecological, social and health-promoting functions that are important for the quality of life. We believe that an integrated urban policy and participatory design processes for urban green spaces are essential in order to optimally utilise this potential," says Sandra Karner from the IFZ, head of the Graz case study.

For more information about the project or to explore opportunities for collaboration, visit the PLANET4B website or see our first press release .