Responsible AI in companies

Jaroslava Huber, Julian Anslinger, Anita Thaler, Michael Haslgrübler (AI handbook editors)

13. February 2024

Artificial intelligence (AI) has gained increased attention in Austrian companies due to increasing reporting on ChatGPT, the AMS Berufsinfomat or the European AI Act. The IFZ has been focusing its research on the topic of digitalization and AI for many years and has developed a concept for responsible AI in the and VEKIAA projects.

In the handbook "Responsible integration of AI assistance systems in the workplace", specific reference is made to the scope for action of works councils in Austria and how they can actively and participatively help shape the implementation of AI in the workplace. On January 17, 2024, co-editor of the book, Anita Thaler, was invited to give a keynote speech on this topic at the Carinthian Chamber of Labor to present current examples from AI research as well as tools for works council work at an event for works council members; the title of the lecture was accordingly "AI in the workplace: What do works council members need to know, what can they do?". Works council work is based on the assumption that the balance of power in the company can result in the employer's objectives being favored if employee representatives are not significantly involved in the implementation of far-reaching AI systems. Anita Thaler was interviewed on this topic with co-author of the book and AI researcher Michael Haslgrübler by the daily newspaper Der Standard for this article. The two are currently working together on the GenCon research project with IFZ colleague Jenny Schlager to investigate the gender and diversity potential in AI research at the COMET Center Pro2Future.


Photo top of the page: Jaroslava Huber, Julian Anslinger, Anita Thaler, Michael Haslgrübler (AI handbook editors)