“Customised CHANGE” – Co-Producing Gender Equality Knowledge in Science and Research

When it comes to implementing Gender Equality Plans (GEPs) in research organisations many organisations still rather want to ‘fix the women’ than ‘fix the system’. The EU project CHANGE (2018-2022) aimed on this systemic level by using knowledge co-production to tackle specific organisational and country-specific challenges.

Transfer agents from all organisations and further stakeholders from regional, national and European level (e.g., policy-makers, research-funding actors) learned in multi-actor CoPs (Communities of Practice).
The practices of knowledge co-creation among CHANGErs – in their organisations and with research stakeholders – had been diverse, however all partners reached the overall goals to value these different types of knowledge, and produce ‘customised knowledge’.
This can be seen in one of the outcomes of CHANGE, the open access publication “Customised CHANGE – Co-Producing Gender Equality Knowledge in Science and Research”, in which all CHANGErs and various stakeholders – in total 42 people – contributed with their expertise and experiences. The online book offers theory-based reflections on persistent gender inequalities in research, personal stories of learnings during the GEP design and implementation process, and interviews with CHANGErs and experts, with a focus on Central and Eastern European countries (CEE) to offer knowledge about gender equality work in the presence of deeply-rooted political and social resistance.

After 4.5 years of coordinating this extraordinary project, the IFZ coordination team (Anita Thaler, Sandra Karner and Julian Anslinger) wants to thank all CHANGE advisors, CoP members, stakeholders, sister projects, and most importantly all CHANGErs, our esteemed colleagues and friends, who customised CHANGE with us: Thank you!