GenCon - Gender and Diversity Considerations for Responsible Research beyond Al Tech

The strategic project, which is funded by COMET and carried out jointly by Pro²Future and IFZ, is intended to sensitize Pro²Future researchers to how gender and diversity can be taken into account and integrated in application-oriented research projects, especially those that use artificial intelligence (AI) technology.




COMET-Zentrum (K1) Pro²Future (Products and Production Systems of the Future)

The project is designed as a research project that will use collected data to provide an evidence-based foundation for anchoring gender and diversity in Pro²Future's research areas and projects.
The research project is divided into three work packages:

  • Potential analysis: includes the analysis of the current situation and the potential of anchoring gender and diversity aspects in the research areas and application-oriented research projects of Pro²Future.
  • Start of the implementation of gender and diversity in application-oriented research: includes the sensitization of researchers and the start of the implementation of gender and diversity aspects in the research of Pro²Future, especially there but not only where AI technology is used.
  • Project management and documentation: Evaluation of the results and documentation for use in planned application-oriented research projects of Pro²Future, as well as a basis for a scientific publication of the IFZ team with a focus on the impact of AI systems and Responsible Research and Innovation Mitigation strategies.