Study to increase the attraction of technology education in Austria from diverse young people’s perspectives

The study explores the question of how technical training can become more attractive for young women and diverse young people.


Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research



Austria experiences a lack of skilled personnel in the booming ICT sector. This study answers the question whether technology education (specifically „Höhere Technische Lehranstalten“) can become more attractive to young women and diverse young people generally.

The study is build on three consecutive modules:

  • Modul 1 „Mapping of Good Practice“
  • Modul 2 „Researching the pupils’ perspectives““
  • Modul 3 „Participatory workshops with youth“

The aim of the study is the development of specific measures and media contents for the vocational counselling and study information of pupils in high schools and vocational high schools, using the language and preferred media channels of those young people.