14th Annual STS Conference Graz 2015: Critical Issues in Science and Technology Studies

Monday, May 11 & Tuesday, May 12
Meerscheinschlössl & ReSoWi Graz

ISSN: 2304-4233



Stream: Bodies, Health and Technology
S1: Intimate Technologies: Embodying Artefacts, Remaking Bodies, Enacting Norms
S2: mHealth and Surveillance: Caring for Data?
S3: Emerging Configurations of Biomedical Technologies

Stream: Responsible Research and Innovation Studies
S4: Responsible Research and Innovation
S5: Beyond Bibliometrics: New Approaches to Mapping Science and Technology
S6: Science and Economy: Sociotechnical Networks and the Use of Knowledge
S7: Does Quality Count? On the Role of Metrics in Academic Accountability Politics

Stream: Information and Communication Technologies and Society
S9: STS and “New” Media
S10: What is so Fascinating With Computer Science? How We, Informaticians and Others Deal With it

Stream: Social Change in Science and Technology
S11: ICT Use, Energy Consumption and the Changing Practices
S12: Intersectionality and Diversity Issues in Changing ICT Practices
S13: Queer Feminist Science, Technology and Society Studies
S14: Music, Materiality and Subjectivities

Stream: Transitions to Sustainability / Energy
S16: Local Innovation Impulses and the Transformation of the Energy System
S21: Energy, Society and Culture – (Sustainable) Energy Transformations as Transformations of Social Order
S22: Energy Transformations, Energy Epistemics and Governance – the Role of the Social Sciences and Humanities

Stream: Transitions to Sustainability
S17: De-Constructing the Smart City, Reassembling Urban Life
S19: STS – Design – Sustainability
S20: From Vicious to Virtuous Production Chains: Transforming European SMEs Towards Circular Economic Business Models