Proceedings 5th Annual IAS-STS Conference 2006

On Causes of the Dispute over the Precautionary Principle in Agri-Biotechnology Risk Governance
Marko Atheensuu

Architecture of Reprogenetic Objects
Bettina Bock v. Wülfingen

Environmental Technologies and Socio-Political Expectations: The Case of the Wind Turbine
Andrea Bunting

Educational Strategies for Empowering Women in Science and Technology
Nicoleta Chioncel

Green Car Concepts and the German Greens
Andrea Humphreys

Experiences of the Avian Influenza: Hungarian Birds under Siege
Gyula Kasza

Background of a Decision: Genetically Modified Crops in Hungary
Gyula Kasza, Judith Szigeti, Enikö Somogyváry

Products and Services versus Sustainability
Balász Köszeghy

How to increase the Role of R and D Human Resources for Regional Development? Some Challenges for Slovenia
Franc Mali

Governing Sociotechnical Change in Regional Innovation Systems
Harald Rohracher

Communication Technologies of Science: A Change of Science-Cognition
Rédey Soma

Energy Regions in Austria: Conceptual Building Blocks for the Analysis of Regional Actor Networks which aim to release Sustainable Energy Systems
Philipp Späth

The Site for an Instrument in the Holistic Versions of Science
Olga Stoliarova

Science, Technology and Environment in the Light of the Sustainable Development Philosophy
Kasim Tatic

Good Afternoon, Gentleman, is there a Woman present?
Christine Wächter

Role of Community Forestry in Sustainable Rural Livelihoods: A Case Study of some Community Forest Users`Groups in Nepal
Dharam Uprety