Proceedings 6th Annual IAS-STS Conference 2007

Towards a Degendered Design of Information Technologies
Corinna Bath

Its not about me but about my family: The Involvement of Family within the Genetic Test Setting
Daniela Freitag

Transdisciplinarity and Sustainable Technology Design
Günter Getzinger

A Tale about the Unconscious Giant: Experiences of Recent Food Risk Communication Studies from Hungary
Gyula Kasza, Timea Daczó, Zsolt Novák

Contesting Lay or Expert Boundaries: Participatory TA of Agbiotech in Europe
Les Levidow

Turning Science into Transdisciplinarity. Some Issues of Cross-Disciplinary Cooperation at Research Centres of Excellence
Franc Mali

History calling? Considering the Mobile In Context of the Broader History of the Telephone
David Mercer

Sustainability ICT Visions and their Triggers in Technology Construction
Oana Mitrea

Gandhi: Sustainability and Technology as Ideas of Political Practice
Anup Sam Ninan

Trust as a Foundmental Element to Manage the Potential Social Risks of Human Biobanks: Two Stages to Build the Relationships of Trust
Huei-Chih Niu

Contested Knowledge, Epistemic Instability and Boundary Work in Engineering: The Case of Historic Debates about the Natural and the Artifical
Tanja Paulitz

The Organisational Culture of NW Engineering Workplaces: The Influence on Women Engineers
Natalie Sappleton, Haifa Takruri-Rizk, Sunrita Dhar-Bhattacharjee, Rae Bezer

Worlds apart. Explaining Diverging Patterns of Rural GMO Resistance in Austria and France.
Franz Seifert

Governing the Estonian Genome Project
Kadri Simm

A White Coat Syndrome: Is it Objective or Subjective?
Olga Stoliarova

Expressing the Power of Technology: Urban Challenge, Global Fashion or Imperative of Sustainability?
Aleksandra Stupar

Building a Room of Ones Own: An Insight into the Origins of Women Architects in Serbia

Modes of Governance of Hybrid Systems. The Mid Air Collision at Ueberlingen and the Impact of Smart Technology
Johannes Weyer

IT Construction as Media Magic: Lay Designers Experiences and Perceptions
Isabel Zorn