Proceedings 7th Annual IAS-STS Conference 2008

'Let's Engage the Public - But for What?' A Critical Assessment of Public Consultations on GMOs in the EU
Marko Ahteensuu

Feminist analysis and design of computational artefacts. Why epistemology (still) matters
Corinna Bath

Floods as Social Events
Thomas Berger

Interpretations of organizational expectations and robust knowledge
Risto Eräsaari

Revision of social construction of technology theory in the context of IT development projects
Eva Estok

The ambivalent question of long-range roadmaps and reflexive transition in hydrogen economy
Ágnes Fésüs

Parental management of everyday life with CF-children
Daniela Freitag

Trans-disciplinarity: Main Categorie and their Usability
Günter Getzinger

Nanotechnology as NanoTechnoScience
Vitaly Gorokhov

How to carry out 'co-operative' research?
Sandra Karner, Nicoleta Chioncel

Consumer acceptance of new generations of genetically modified organisms
Gyula Kasza, Katalin Kádár, Krisztián Keszthelyi

Analyzing Design and Potential of Pesticide Application Services in Austrian Farming
Manfred Klade

Conceptualising agents of ecological modernisation within 'hybrid fields' and emancipation from them
Ingmar Lippert

The role of internmediate scientific organizations in synergistic combination of the new arising technologies
Franc Mali

Dialectics of Civic Epistemology
David Mercer

Risks (and benefits) assessments policies - making the framing assumptions explicit
Erik Millstone

The shift to soft computing in arificial intelligence and its relation to alternative kinds of epistemology
Verónica Sanz

Environmental Impact of the Information-Communicatin Technologies and their Role in Sustainable Development
Kasim Tatic

Laughing among engineers: About the interaction of gender, technology and humour
Anita Thaler

Design and Management Options for improving the energy performances of Housing
Heimo Staller, Wibke Tritthart

Ethical boundary work in Biomedicine
Bernhard Wieser

Standardizing Sperm. On the Regulation of Medical Expert Knowledge and Biotechnological Classifications
Torsten Wöllmann

How Technical and Personal Development Interact: Characteristics of Digital Media as a Pre-Condition for an Educational Experience
Isabel Zorn

Genetic Risk and Individual Responsibilization. 'Breast Cancer Susceptability Genes' as a Matter of Self-management.
Andrea zur Nieden