Yearbook 2002 of the Institute for Advanced Studies on Science, Technology and Society

Yearbook 2002 of the Institute for Advanced Studies on Science, Technology and Society

Arno Bammé

Moving From Chaos to Socially Aware Technology Design: Reflections on the Courtship of Theory and Praxis
Ellen Balka

‘Design for the Environment’ as Ecological Modernisation: Evaluating Technological Innovations Through Instruments of Environmental Policy-Making
Gerald Berger

Towards a European Research Area? Lessons from Biotechnology
Ulrich Dolata

Technology Assessment: Ethical and Normative Aspects
Dmitri Efremenko

‘Horse Whispering’, Participation and Teamwork—The Constitution of Social Character in Technological Civilisation
Annette Ohme-Reinicke

Feminist Epistemology: How a Case Study from the History of Science Undermines Harding’s Standpoint Theory
Maria Rentetzi

Effective Community Participation in Urban Development. Is it Possible? Does it Exist?
Ariella Vraneski

Mission Impossible or the ‘So-Called War’
Doris Wallnöfer

Science and Technology Studies in Greece
Michalis Assimakopoulos

HPS and STS: The Links
Aristides Baltas

The Dilemma of Case Studies Resolved: On the Usefulness of Historical Case Studies in the Philosophy of Science
Richard M. Burian

Technology and the Loss of the Tactile
Günter Getzinger

Critical Assessment of Technological Progress
Vitaly G. Gorokhov

SSK and Law/Science Encounters Involving Controversial Science and Technology: A Brief Critical Overview
David Mercer

Technology Assessment in Austria—State of the Art and Research Activity of the ITA
Walter Peissl

The Problem with Case Studies
Joseph C. Pitt

If the Public Only Knew! On Learning about Genetic Engineering
Bernhard Wieser

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