Yearbook 2006 of the Institute for Advanced Studies on Science, Technology and Society

Yearbook 2006 of the Institute for Advanced Studies on Science, Technology and Society

Science, Technology, Society: Prologue
Arno Bammé

On Making a Difference: Female Engineers Working in the Environmental Field
Andrea Bunting

The Work-Family Experiences of Australian Female Civil Engineers
Valerie Francis

On Gender-Related Stumbling Blocks and Factors of Success in Engineering Education
Anita Thaler

Women in Academic Science
Nina Toren

Weak and Strong Interpretations of the Precautionary Principle in the Risk Management of Modern Biotechnology
Marko Ahteensuu

Environmental Health and Genomics: (Re)-visions in Risk Assessment?
Susanne Bauer

The Duelling Fictions of Parthenogenesis
Mary C. Ingram-Waters

Food from the Risk Factory - Recurrent Problems of the European Food Safety System
Gyula Kasza

The Ethics of Life and Lives in Neonatal Intensive Care
Kyra Landzelius

Some Challenges for R and D Policy-Making in the Newcomer EU Countries: Scientific Citizenship and the Social Regulation of Biotechnology
Franc Mali

Gene Technology and Global Poverty
Juha Räikkä

Prenatal Diagnosis and Disability: The Ultimate Technological Fix?
Joan Rothschild

Politicising Coexistence between GM and Non-GM Crops
Tereza Stöckelova

The Cameroon Rural Hope Initiative: Extending Vygotsky’s Social Development Theory to a Global Learning Context through Socio-Enabling Computing
Dennis Anderson, Joann Halpern

Evolution and Sustainable Development
Ralf Brand

An Internet-Based Economy?
Ulrich Dolata

Modelling Society through Accountability and Auditing
Risto Erässari

The Idea of Renewable Energy: Policy Lessons for Developing Countries - European Union and Turkey
Emek Baris Kepenek

Weighty Knowledge: Hyper Expertise and the Vertical Integration of Expertise (HEVIE)
David Mercer

Wireless Communication Technology - A Structure-Forming Dispositif for Mobile Communication and Communicative Mobility
Oana Mitrea

Restoring the Ontology of Objects: In Search for a New Objectivity
Olga Stoliarova

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