Yearbook 2008 of the Institute for Advanced Studies on Science, Technology and Society

Yearbook 2008 of the Institute for Advanced Studies on Science, Technology and Society

Science, Technology, Society: Prologue
Arno Bammé

From Gender Analysis to Technology Design Methodologies: Implications for Theory
Corinna Bath

Gender and Disciplinary Cultures: Comparing Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science
Anne-Françoise Gilbert

The Social Construction of ‘Design’ as a Gendered Activity. Engineering Design and Socio-Technical Change
Tanja Paulitz

Oh What a Gendered Web We Weave: Deconstructing Digital Discourse in Political Web Sites
Tess Pierce

Democratising Agri-Biotechnology? European Public Participation in Agbiotech Assessment
Les Levidow

Benefits, Risks and Trust in Human Biobanks
Huei Chih Niu

The Econologics of Genetic Autonomy - Ex-Situ Genetic Resources and Corporeal Articulations of Interests
Sakari Tamminen

Installing Photovoltaic Technology in the UK: Some User Constructions
Dana Abi-Ghanem

Actor-Network Theory and Byzantine Interpretation of Aristotle’s Theory of Action: Three Points of Possible Dialogue
Georgi Kapriev & Ivan Tchalakov

Debating the Urban Water Cycle - The Destination of Rainwater
Steffen Koch

Defining Health, Policy and Science: Legitimating Vertically Integrated Expertise in the WHO EMF Project
David Mercer

Technopolitical Mediations in the Climate Change Regime: STS Takes on Hot Air
Anup Sam Ninan

Shaping the Image of Globalization: The Role of Technology in Urban Regeneration
Aleksandra Stupar

Technological Negotiation in Media Activism: Critical Resistance, Selective Adoption
Christina Dunbar-Hester

Educational Construction of Information Technology as Engagement with the Course of the World
Isabel Zorn

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