Yearbook 2009 of the Institute for Advanced Studies on Science, Technology and Society

Yearbook 2009 of the Institute for Advanced Studies on Science, Technology and Society

Science, Technology, Society: Prologue
Arno Bammé

The Embodiment of Genetic Risk. Women’s Experiences of Genetic Testing for Breast Cancer Susceptibility Mutations
Andrea zur Nieden

Gender Studies of IT: From Equality Strategies to Epistemological Issues
Verónica Sanz

Blocks and Hurdles, Chutes and Slides: Women Engineers in the Automotive Industry
Christine Wächter

Reinventing the Male: On Dynamics of Discipline Building and Medical Regulation of Sexed and Gendered Bodies
Torsten Wöllmann

From Pap Classification to Bethesda 2001 – Relating the Development of a Diagnostic Lexicon to Triage Systems
Amrita Mishra

The Making of a Biobank. The Case of the Estonian Genome Project
Kadri Simm

Semantic Interoperability and Biobanking – The Politics of Setting Technical Standards in Tissue Economies
Aaro Tupasela

The Ambivalent Question of Reflexive Transition into Hydrogen Economy (HE)
Ágnes Fésüs

‘Co-operative Research’ on Alternative Agro-Food Networks: An Example of Bottom-Up Participation
Sandra Karner & Nicoleta Chioncel

Pesticide Application as a Product Service System (PSS) in Austrian Crop Farming and Viniculture
Manfred Klade

Social and Environmental Implications of Re-Emergent Labour Market Segmentation in Slovenia
Anton Kramberger

Disposed to Unsustainability? Ecological Modernisation as a Techno-Science Enterprise with Conflicting Normative Orientations
Ingmar Lippert

Technology Assessment Policies – Making Framing Assumptions Explicit
Erik Millstone

Walking Mind: The Pattern that Connects Evenki Land, Companionship and Person
Tatiana Safonova & István Sántha

Review 2007/2008 - A Report on Fellowships and Events

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