Yearbook 2010 of the Institute for Advanced Studies on Science, Technology and Society

Science, Technology, Society: Prologue
Arno Bammé

More and ‘Other’ Students! How Interdisciplinarity Influences Students’ Populations in IT Study Programmes in Austria
Jenny Käfer, Anita Thaler, & Christine Wächter

Let’s Play Air Piano! Participatory Technology Design Using Nintendo® Wii Technology
Birgit Hofstätter, Birgit Gasteiger, Sonja Deutschmeister, & Johanna Nather

One of the Boys or Never Just Right? Women’s In/Visibility in Engineering
Helen Peterson

Deregulation of GE Alfalfa: Mounting Challenges for Risk Assessors and Policy Makers
Muthukumar V. Bagavathiannan, Armin Spök, & Rene C. Van Acker

Land Ho! Austrian Subnational Policy Networks on Genetically Modified Organisms
Anna Milena Zivian

Energy, Crisis and World-Wide Production Relations
Kolya Abramsky

Can Energy Efficient Architecture Create Eco-Urbanity? Rethinking the Role of Landscapes In-Between
Senem Deviren

Translating from Politics: The Definition of Zero Carbon Buildings
Jan Fischer

Empty Pipes in Empty Regions? Water Networks in Peripheral Rural Eastern Germany
Matthias Naumann

Nuclear Risk and Civic Engagement in Southeast Asia
Sulfikar Amir & Neo Shar Ni

Intermediary Structures as Part of R&D Policy Efforts to Increase Commercialization and Commodification of Academic Science. The Case of Slovenia.
Franc Mali

Connecting STS to Mobility Studies: Sociotechnical Mobile Practices
Giuseppina Pellegrino

The Computer as a Tool for Love – A Cultural History of Technology
Jaakko Suominen

Review 2008/2009 – A Report on Fellowships and Events

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