Yearbook 2012 of the Institute for Advanced Studies on Science, Technology and Society

Science, Technology, Society: Prologue
Arno Bammé

Learning with Magazines and TV? Gendered Images of Science, Engineering and Technology in Youth Media
Anita Thaler

GM Crops and Biosafety in South-East Asia: Singapore as Case Study
Gloria Adduci

Energy Poverty in Austria and Perspectives from Social Science
Thomas Berger

Long-term Temporality in STS Research on Infrastructural Technologies
Helena Karasti

Latour’s Gaia – Not down to Earth? Social Studies of Environmental Management for Grounded Understandings of the Politics of Human-Nature Relationships
Ingmar Lippert

ICT Industries as a Test Case for Practice-based Sustainability Research
Sandy Ross

Towards the Ultimate E3-topia: Scrambling the Energy Efficient, Eco-friendly and Electronic Urban Furture?
Aleksandra Stupar

The Role of Community in the Transition to Low Carbon Futures: The MLP and Transition Towns
Gerald Taylor Aiken

Self-Providing as a Catalyst of Sustainable Consumption
Corinna Vosse

Agro-biomass-to-energy Systems in Transition Economies: Cases of Ukraine and Lithuania
Yuliya Voytenko, Laurencas Raslavicius

Cultural Affordances and Changing Social Dynamics in Asian and European Contexts
Florence Chee

F/OSS Projects Community Modelling “Modular Communities“ and the Drupal CMS Project
Rositsa Dikova

What is Information Processing? An Analysis Based on Shannon Information and Algorithmic Information
Nir Fresco

Digital Civic Engagement among Anarchist Activists in Poland
Lisiunia A. Romanienko

Review 2010/2011 – A Report on Fellowships and Events

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