Vinueza Calderon, Dayana | Ecuador

Vinueza Calderon, Dayana | Ecuador

Dayana Vinueza graduated in Political, Social and International Sciences at the University of Bologna. She is currently finishing her master's studies in Information, Cultures and Media Organization. She was part of the PIL 2020, a special academic program for talented students in Political Sciences. Furthermore, she has more than 2 years of experience collaborating and assisting academic projects in the study of socio-technical systems. Additionally, for almost three years, she has been working as a tutor for international students at the university. Likewise, she has experience supporting professors in their research work, translating and formatting scientific articles that have been successfully published in some sociology journals. She has been a speaker at some international academic events. Her current research interests are society and technology, social AI, the society of algorithms and socio-technical systems.

Project at IAS-STS: Artificial intelligence is used in many different industries as a tool for analyzing a large amount of data. The algorithm suggests to people many contents for watching within the platforms. But it also selects information based on interests and opinions expressed by the people. Since individuals are overwhelmed by the wide range of choices, they delegate (consciously or unconsciously) their agency to the most sophisticated personalization algorithms. It is for this reason that appears the risk of entering a loop that leads people to see, to buy, and to be in contact with a narrow field of possibilities, creating a small room produced with their own choices. Despite they want to keep the illusion of having access to an infinite range of possibilities, individuals are in a paradox, because they seek safety in the sea of choices. This research intends to analyze the complexity of human decision-making by considering, on the one hand, culture, consumption, and political systems and, on the other, technological developments and the logic of algorithms. It means the implications and the causal relationship between algorithms and decision-making.

Contact: dayana [punkt] vinueza2 at unibo [punkt] it

Selected Publications:

The impact of Covid-19 in the field of EU-Asia Relations, higher education & AI. UNIBO – Aoyama Gakuin – Toyo University Student Conference. 2021

A look into the future: The Metaverse. Aware think-tank. 2022

The economic sphere of the Metaverse. Aware think-tank. 2022

NFT and blockchain will be the future? Aware think-tank. 2022

The Metaverse paradox. Aware think-tank. 2022