This project analyses the grid system issues relevant for increasing shares of distributed generation (DG), especially electricity from renewable sources an cogeneration. The focus is on problems with the interaction of electricity grid operators with independent power producers - and on potential for improved cooperation due to respective regulation.


EU, Programm „Energy Intelligent – Europe“



  • ECN (Projektleitung), NL
  • Öko-Institut e.V., D
  • RISÖ, DK
  • UNI Manchester, UK
  • VTT, FI
  • OME, F
  • Comillas, E
  • IZES, D.

The four phases of the project:

  1. Review the current regulation of the grids in EU MS concluding on what need to be done in improving the grid regulation in MS the short-term to remove barriers for RES and CHP deployment.
  2. Analyse the consequences of network innovations in the long term on the developments of grid system regulation with large electricity volumes supplied by RES and CHP and if a large share of power generating capacity is connected to the distribution grid.
  3. Assess influence of current / and the recommended changes in network regulation etc. for the functioning of grids and grid operations. Develop grid business models for economic viable grid operation with large shares of DG.
  4. Develop guidelines for network planning, regulation and to enhance integration of DG in the short term including the opportunity for new innovative changes in networks. Stakeholders group will monitor results.