Evaluation of Centralised Ventilation Systems in Residential Buildings

In the project a general survey of centralised and semi-centralised mechanical ventilation systems in residential buildings was conducted and the technical solutions, the practical suitability und the acceptance of the occupants were evaluated. Criteria of quality and a planning guideline were developed.


Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation und Technology (BMVIT), programme „Energy of tomorrow“



  • Energie Tirol (Projektleitung), Innsbruck
  • Technisches Büro Andreas Greml, Kufstein
  • arsenal research, Wien
  • AEE INTEC, Gleisdorf

The evaluation was divided into two parts – the evaluation (a technical and an evaluation of acceptance) and the development of a planning manual.

IFZ was responsible for the social scientific analysis in this project: A written survey was developed, distributed in the chosen residential buildings for the project and filled in by the occupants, caretakers and planners.