Haus der Zukunft on the road

Knowledge transfer of the results from "Building of Tomorrow" to existing traineeships  


Bundesministerium für Verkehr, Innovation und Technologie (BMVIT) - Programmlinie "Haus der Zukunft"



  • Institut für Wärmetechnik, TU Graz;
  • Department für Bautechnik und Naturgefahren, Konstruktiver Ingenieurbau, Universität für Bodenkultur Wien
  • Institut für Hochbau und Technologie, Technische Universität Wien

Aim of the current project is to customize the existing know-how of the programme “Building of Tomorrow” for an expert audience to promote innovative sustainable construction. The project addresses universities, technical colleges and construction academies. The knowledge transfer will contribute to strengthen the aims of the “Building of Tomorrow” and to anchor sustainable construction in Austria. The knowledge transfer addresses those target groups, who will be the future planners, executors and decision-makers of “Buildings of Tomorrow”. The planned knowledge transfer will raise the awareness of these groups and show that the used technologies are field-proven and practical. To customize the existing data within the programme “Building of Tomorrow”, qualified experts will develop teaching materials, which summarise the most important results regarding the following four topics:

  • Energy
  • Construction and Building Physics
  • Architecture and Ecology
  • Sociological Aspects

The transfer is based on two main tracks: On one hand impulse events themed “Building of Tomorrow on the road” will be organised. On the other hand the results, geared to the target group, will be integrated as guest lectures in already existing lectures, seminars and series of lectures in Austrian educational institutions. The events provide an overview about innovations, which have been developed within the programme “Building of Tomorrow”. The impulse events will be held by qualified experts and are designed for approximately four hours. According to the requirements and the interest of the educational institutions specific topics can be selected and enhanced. The educational institutions are able to offer their target groups an attractive advanced training with top-class experts from science and practice. The events will be developed and provided for educational institutions in whole Austria. The developed teaching material will also be provided for further target groups and will be promoted by different activities within the public relations work. An action day with excursion to selected projects (e.g. S- House, Christophorus Haus, Sol 4 Büro- und Seminarzentrum) of the “Building of Tomorrow” will be organ-ised, to consolidate and deepen the knowledge transferred by lectures. Aim is to make sustainable construction tangible for the target groups.