Ökoinform Praxis: Development and application of a consultancy model to promote sustainable building design

Development of a consultancy model to promote ecologic and economic sustainable building solutions within the planning process. Analysis of the efficiency of guided (integral) meetings with architects, planners, and experts for different items.


Austrian Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation, Technology, Programme "Haus der Zukunft"



  • Graz University of Technology - Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Economics - Institute for Thermal Engineering (project leader)
  • Haus der Baubiologie Graz
  • AEE Institute of Sustainable Technologies
  • Institute for Building Construction and Industrial Architecture


Guided consultancy meetings with these experts are offered to builders or building owners. The experts team (maximum 4 persons) is formed up individually according to the needs of the project and assists the normal planning process to enhance the sustainability of the building. The areas building physics, energy technology, and ecology are fixed elements in every meeting. The results of the meetings (evaluation, proposed solutions, acceptance of solutions) are made available in form of written reports.

The developed consultancy model could be a basis for a general Austrian consultancy network for sustainable buildings. The project is divided in three phases. In the conceptual phase the systematic of the consultancy process and the acquisition of customers respectively projects is carried out. In the second phase 60 consultancy meetings are carried out and the systematic is improved by the experiences of these meetings and the acceptance of the customers. Additionally a guideline will be produced. In the last phase the experiences of the consultancy process will be put together and the developed consultancy model will be made available to the public through a workshop.

Builders that are interested in ecological building design and in an increased use of renewable energy are confronted with many questions from different areas. It is often difficult to find experts or consultants for these questions and the answers are not always consistent. Moreover the given information is mostly not independend from specific products. The aim of the project is to establish a pool of experts from different areas (like building physics, Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning (HVAC), solar systems, ecological building design, acoustics etc.).