Transition towards Sustainable Production Systems

The “Factory of Tomorrow” aims at zero-waste, zero-emission production, and produces and provides products and services of tomorrow using materials of tomorrow to meet tomorrow's needs.


Austrian Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology




ARC Seibersdorf Research (project leader)  

In this context, the Austrian Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation, and Technology (BMVIT) has developed a five-year research and technology programme on Technologies for Sustainable Development. It initiates and supports trend-setting research and development projects and the implementation of exemplary pilot projects. The project “Managing the Transition towards Sustainable Production Systems” aims at an strategic integration of the heterogeneous and often highly specific technological R&D projects. In cooperation with participants and users of the research projects we will develop joint socio-technical scenarios and accompanying measures which not only focus on incremental technical improvements but rather on changing ‘technological regimes’ (i.e. also regulatory frameworks, social practices, expectations, etc.). The project thus shall support both, programme management and participants, in integrating their activities and orienting them towards a comprehensive long-term transition strategy towards sustainable production systems.