WINBAU - Economy Initiative Sustainability

Energy efficiency is one of the most important topics of the future. Almost 40 percent of the whole energy consumption in Styria is needed for room heating and hot water.


Province of Styria - Department FA19D- waste and material flow economy  




Styrian Energy Agency; Styrian Representative for Energy; Austrian Institute for Applied Ecology; Haus der Baubiologie, Spinning Creations - Kurt Völker; Technical Agency - DI Gerhard Jägerhuber; Ökologische Landentwicklung

WIN – Economy Initative Sustainability – is a project of the province of Styria (department 19 D – waste and material flow economy) the Styrian Chamber of Commerce and the Styrian Department for promotion of economic development (SFG) with the aim to support Styrian companies towards their way to sustainability. WIN BAU is one project within the initiative with the aim to support sustainability within the building and construction sector. Main topics of WIN BAU are energy efficiency in buildings, renewable energy sources and the use of sustainable and healthy construction materials.
An important issue is the establishment of a pool of experts within the project. These experts offer consultancy for companies, municipalities and private building owners. For these experts a training on sustainable building was organized and an E-learning tool was provided. On the basis of an international Total Quality Tool (TQ Tool) a comprehensive instrument for building assessment will be developed. Aim of the project is also the creation of a network with Styrian companies who promote sustainable building.