Proceedings 8th Annual IAS-STS Conference 2009

Energy Efficient Home: Landscape Design and Architectural Design as One
A. Senem Deviren

River water pollution assessment under climate change in Kura-Araks basin: modeling approach.
Ajabyan N.A., Nalbandyan M.A.

The synthetic world of our future: fantasy, hybrid or (anti)utopia?
Aleksandra Stupar

“Learning technology?” About the informal learning potential of youth magazines
Anita Thaler

Democracy, participation, and local governance: The Network of GMO-free European Regions and biotechnology regulation
Anna M. Zivian

From beat to bit - Working with secondary-school students in the Sparkling Science project “Engineer Your Sound!”
Birgit Gasteiger, Birgit Hofstätter

Women in science and technology. Creating sustainable careers. Report 2009
Christine Wächter

„Open gates, closed gates – mathematics and sciences in secondary education in France“
Cloé Pinault

The “young researcher programme” in Slovenia and the issue of gender discrimination
Franc Mali, Blanka Groboljšek

Ubiquity/Mobility: Two case studies between future interaction and current practice
Giuseppina Pellegrino

The Risks and Ethical Problems of Applying Genetic Testing in Underdeveloped Countries
Gülsevim Evsel Ocak

The perceptions on GMOs and GM food with some selected social indicators in an “irrelevant state”, Turkey
Hayriye Erbas

Computer as a Tool for Love – A Cultural History of Technology
Jaakko Suominen

„Teens Tackle Technology“- Illustration and critical reflection of a project at the Graz University of Technology
Jenny Käfer and Susanne Kink

Energy, crisis, and world-wide production relations
Kolya Abramsky

The psychological meaning of colour: A focus on gender and SET representations in youth magazines
Magdalena Julia Wicher

Gendersensitive joborientation in education
Sabine Maria Stockinger

Gender aspects of mining: Western Australian experience
Silvia Lozeva and Dora Marinova

Reclaiming the message: Using message transformation to apply theory to practice in mediated communication
Tess Pierce and John Daniel