Yearbook 2005 of the Institute for Advanced Studies on Science, Technology and Society

Yearbook 2005 of the Institute for Advanced Studies on Science, Technology and Society

Science, Technology, Society: Prologue
Arno Bammé

Discourses on Taiga: The State, Geologists and Nature in the Soviet Union
Alla Bolotova

Austrian Biosafety Policy - Founded on Ignorance?
Adrian Ely

The Figure of Aperspectivical Objectivity
Risto Eräsaari

Dawkins and Latour: A Tale of Two Unlikely Fellows
Hajo Greif

Exploring Sustainable Architectures
Simon Guy

Scenarios for Regulatory Future of Urban Organic Pollutants
Imre Olivér Kozák

Gobal-Local Dialectics in the Process of European Scientific Integration
Franc Mali

Making Education Technologies Work: A Gender Analysis of the ICT Programmes (ICTE) at Makerere University
Tabitha Mulyampiti

Politics of a Fluid Technology: Socio-Technical Trajectories of Forest Fuel Production
Taru Peltola

Research-Based Spin-Off Firms as Sources of Knowledge Spill-Overs
Anna I. Pobol

The Concept of Technology and the Gendering of Engineering Education
Minna Salminen-Karlsson

From Path Dependency to Path Creation: Finland as a Case in Point
Gerd Schienstock

Sustainability Foresight as a Method to Shape Socio-Technical Transformation in Utility Systems
Jan-Peter Voß, Bernhard Truffer, Kornelia Konrad

The Dynamics of the Digital Divide
Raymund Werle

On the Relation Between Ethics and Ontology in Hybrid Worlds
Ulrich Glotzbach

More Material Hermeneutics
Don Ihde

Seen but not Heard? Assessing the Impact of the STS in Legal and Regulatory Settings Involving Controversial Science
David Mercer

The Transatlantic Conflict over Biotechnology and the Hegemony of Physical Risk
Franz Seifert

The Limits of Causal Action: Actor-Network Theory Notion of Translation and Aristotle´s Notion of Action
Ivan Tchalakov, Georgi Kapriev

The Role of Transnational Environmental Organisations in Transferring Forest Stewardship Council Technology to Russia
Maria Tysiachniouk, Jonathan Reisman

A Gendered Look at Interdisciplinary Engineering Education
Christine Wächter

Education as a Means of Participation in Genetic Engineering?
Bernhard Wieser

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