„Many didn’t even had a computer at home, and suddenly they need the whole infrastructure at home too ...“


Anita Thaler and Julian Anslinger researched for FELIN_female leaders initiative how companies have changed in the Covid-19 pandemic, and which challenges leaders, especially female leaders, had to face and with what kind of strategies they reacted to those changes.
The result is an insight into ten Styrian organisations from the logistics, technology, travel agency, health, and public services sector.

The corona crisis brought unforeseen challenges like contact tracing, health issues, but also home-office blurred the boundaries between job and private lives.
Increased reconciliation issues (combining home-office with home-schooling) have raised fears of a societal backlash regarding gender equality.
Finally the interviewees also talked about a boost in digitalisation, as now even sectors with no home-office practice so far, made this experience. Some leaders predict changes in sales and distribution as well as business trip activities, which are seen positively regarding climate change policies.

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