Concepts for „low-tech“ ventilation systems in large-volume residential buildings and their user’s comfort (low-vent)

The project aimed to increase the integration of ventilation systems with heat recovery into social and multifamily housing. It investigated how central and semicentral ventilation systems are to be optimized, meaning equipped with simple distribution, installation, control and servicing, and prefabricated components.


Funds for Climate and Energy; Programme „New Energies 2020“



  • AEE INTEC (project leader), Gleisdorf
  • Technical Consulting Andreas Greml, Kufstein
  • University of Innsbruck, Institute for Structural Engineering and Material Sciences
  • Energie Tirol, Innsbruck

The experiences with the first wave of applications led to simplified (‘low-tech’ ventilation) and optimized innovative solutions with high user’s comfort and high energy efficiency.

For field implementation three different varieties of optimized ventilation systems with heat recovery were designed, calculated and two of them were tested in practical operation.