FIT4FOOD 2030: Food Lab Graz

FIT4FOOD 2030 will develop solutions to the challenges of current food systems such as hunger, malnutrition, obesity, climate change, resource scarcity and waste, in line with the European Commission's Food2030 strategy. Two levels are addressed in the form of "labs": policy frameworks by means of ‘policy labs’) and practice Formby means of ‘city labs’ and ‘food labs’. Various actors are networked via a multi-actor platform.


Subauftrag im Rahmen des Fit4Food 2030-Projekts




The IFZ founded the ‘Food Lab Graz’. The task of Food Labs was to test workshops developed within the FIT4FOOD 2030-project, and at the same time to use them for addressing local/regional real-world challenges.

Within the “Food Lab Graz”, a total of 2 workshop formats with three groups of actors were tested. Together with the Sozialmedizinisches Zentrum Liebenau (Jakomini district centre), the ‘Citizens Mandate Workshop’ was carried out, in which citizens were able to share their considerations and personal views on the Food2030 strategy of the European Commission. A second workshop format dealt with collaborative, systemic analysis and problem solving regarding the food supply system on various scales - from global to regional. The first workshop (consisting of two parts) was conducted with students from universities in Graz and was thematically open. The second workshop deats with specific challenges in the food supply system in the Triester neighbourhood (district of Gries), and served to investigate needs for action towards a better food system in that area.

Research Topic