Market Garden Weinzödl

Within the project, a concept for an intended, small-scale urban agriculture in the north of Graz is developed. A focus is on a socio-economic business model and on regenerative farming practices.


FFG Ökocheck




Forum Urbanes Gärtnern

Das  IFZ ist Suvauftragnehmer des Forums Urbanes Gärtnern.

The association Forum Urbanes Gärtnern (F.U.G.) is planning a socio-economically managed market garden on an area in the north of Graz (Weinzödl, district Andritz). This is to serve food production and education as well as an experimental space for low-tech cultivation techniques. By applying specific horticultural methods (e.g., composting, soil management, circular farming, field rotation, mixed cropping) as much as possible is grown on a small area, while this kind of farming practice is still very (e. g. to support the soil quality). As the use of machinery, especially heavy vehicles, is avoided as much as possible, the cultivation is labour-intense. With this kind of "micro-farming", even small farms could run a viable business.

IFZ accompanies the F.U.G. in the preparation and conception of the project, especially in the development of the activity and business fields. The possibility to run the market garden through a cooperative, possibilities of cooperation with different institutions and activities are investigated in order to concretize the objectives of the planned market garden so that it can start successfully at the end of this preparatory project.

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