MOVING (MOuntain Valorisation through INterconnectedness and Green Growth)

Mountains cover 36% of the European area and have an important role in the provision of public and private goods. Despite their relevance in both ecological and socioeconomic terms, we lack updated and comparable knowledge about many aspects of these regions affecting their management and sustainability.


European Commission: Horizon 2020, European Framework Programme for Research and Innovation



  • Universitad di Córdoba, Spain (Lead Partner)
  • Association for the Development of the Guadajoz and East Countryside of Córdoba, Spain
  • Czech University of Life Sciences Prague,  Czech Republic
  • The James Hutton Institute, Great Britain
  • National Research Council, Italy
  • University of Molise, Italy
  • Vinidea, Italy
  • University of Pisa, Italy
  • Mena Group, Serbia
  • Highclere Consulting, Romania
  • National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and Environment, France
  • Association of European Regions for Products of Origin, France
  • Origin for Sustainability, Switzerland
  • Zurich University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland
  • Ege University, Turkey
  • RURAL Bt – Development and Communication consultancy, Hungary
  • University of Évora, Portugal
  • European Association for Information on Local Development, Belgium
  • University of Crete, Greece
  • Community of Communes of the Drôme Valley, France
  • Stichting Connecting Natural Values and People Foundation, Netherlands

A deeper understanding of how the context, trends and potential evolution of mountain communities, territories and businesses, is needed to design new policies that protect mountain areas from the existing threats of climate change, helping them to seize emerging opportunities. MOVING (MOuntain Valorisation through INterconnectedness and Green growth) aims to build capacities and co-develop – through a bottom-up participatory process that involves value chain actors, stakeholders and policy-makers – relevant policy frameworks across Europe for the establishment of new or upgraded/upscaled value chains that contribute to the resilience and sustainability of mountain areas to climate change.

Research Topic