Mag. Sandra Karner - Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin IFZ

Mag.a Sandra Karner

Schlögelgasse 2, 8010 Graz

Sandra Karner studied Biology with a focus on molecular genetics at the University of Graz. Since April 2001 IFZ staff member in the context of the St:WUK project "Biotechnology and Alternatives in Styria", since April 2002 scientific staff member at IFZ, since 2004 lecturer at Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt and University of Graz. Sandra Karner is in charge of INFOgen, a public information service on modern biotechnology, which informs about basics and applications of biotechnology, organizes events, lectures and offers materials (teaching material, multi media CDs, books, etc.). Her research focuses on issues of participation related to the involvement of the public in research, science governance, regulatory aspects and health risk assessment of biotech.
Since 2017 Sandra Karner heads the research area Food Systems.

Main fields of acitivity
  • Science- & Technology Studies
  • Participation, public engagement in research
  • Transdisciplinarity
  • Impacts of new developments in biotechnology, genetic engineering
  • Alternative agro-food networks


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