transFAIRmation – Transformative work on media with ICT as means for participation in political discourses exemplified by fairness in pop culture

TransFAIRmation is a project collaboration of IFZ with teachers and students of NMS Albert Schweitzer, which uses a field of interest of children and teenagers (TV series) to elaborate a participatory teaching design facilitating the acquisition of technological and social competencies.


Zukunftsfond Steiermark




New Secondary School Albert Schweitzer (Graz)


More precisely: TV series popular with children and teenagers are analysed in regard to social (in)justice and discrimination. Subsequently, key scenes identified as problematic in this analysis are ‘transformed’ in order to (dis)solve unsolved situations of injustice or discrimination in the original plot. This way, the students produce political statements by which they criticise their favourite TV series. The key result of transFAIRmation – a refined and optimised didactical concept – will be published for free use. It is intended as an example for how children’s and teenagers’ fields of interests can be used as a source for teaching technological and social competencies.
The process of developing and testing the didactical concept is continuously evaluated and the results are fed back to the process in order to allow constant optimisation.

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