ZIRBE – Targeted innovation laboratory for demonstrating and developing of regional solutions together with the population to approach the energy autonomy

The energy transition is far more than a technical change. Profound changes in energy supply and use involve changes in technological, material, organizational, institutional, political, economic and socio-cultural terms. Therefore, it is a fundamental socio-technical change in energy use and associated systems.


FFG – Vorzeigeregion Energie



  • RegionsManagement Osttirol (Koordination)
  • Universität Innsbruck
  • TU Graz, Institut für elektrische Anlagen
  • Österreichisches Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung
  • European Academy of Bozen
  • WasserTirol
  • IDM

The exploratory project lays the foundations for the innovation lab ZIRBE, which provides the framework for scientific research in order to identify and use the possibilities and implications of a new energy system in the region, not only from a technical but especially from a sociological and economic perspective. This lays the foundation in order to make the socio-technical transformation into a new energy era successful.

IFZ is in charge of the social scientific monitoring research and supports participatory processes with relevant actors.