Impact analysis and facilitation: The Vienna Science Festival / on Tour

The „Vienna Science Festival“ (an initiative by the vice-major of Vienna, Renate Brauner) is hosted by the Vienna Business Agency since 2008. Under the collaboration of universities, universities of applied sciences, extra university research institutions and companies from Vienna the event is taking place in 2015 for the forth time. The goal is to bring „science to touch and play“ to a broader audience and show to the general public what and how science is done in Vienna.


Wirtschaftsagentur Wien



The „Vienna Science Festival on Tour” is taking place alternating with the concept of a touring exhibition. It seizes on parts of the bigger “Vienna Science Festival” and shows a selection of innovations of the Viennese research landscape on different public locations in Vienna.

The IFZ has been charged with doing an impact analysis of the “Vienna Science Festival” 2015 and facilitation with regard to a further development of the two formats “Vienna Science Festival” and “Vienna Science Festival on Tour”.
Therefore, a combination of different methods will be applied: with a pedagogical-ethnographic approach the event will be evaluated through participatory observations where data is gathered continuously and analysed within the social system; in addition on-site short interviews are conducted.
Following this, the material will be completed with further interviews and validated within focus groups with participants from different target audiences.