Innovative Building Concepts: Power Engineering and Building Biology Analysis

This project is the continuation of the project "Innovative building concepts". Building projects within the framework of the programme "Building of Tomorrow" are evaluated concerning power engineering and building biology.

Bundesministerium für Verkehr, Innovation und Technologie (BMVIT), Programmlinie „Haus der Zukunft“



  • AEE INTEC (project leader), Gleisdorf
  • Austrian Institute for Applied Ecology, Vienna

Using post-occupancy evaluation (ie after the residents have mode in their flats) the user acceptance will be charged. Qualitative interviews and a survey of selected building associations and planners about their efforts to inform the occupants and to improve the user acceptance complement the investigation. Examined are: Residential buildings Mühlweg and Dreherstraße, Vienna; secondary modern school Schwanenstadt, Lower Austria; residential building Makartstraße, Linz; SOL4 Office Building, Lower Austria; Commercial Building A World Trade Corp., Styria