Mobile Millennials - Opportunities for a new mobility culture among young adults

The project examines in which way mobility practices of millennials (born between 1985 and 2003) in Styria can be rearranged at biographical breaks and what offers and interventions are necessary to support a transformation towards sustainable mobility in the long term.


Federal state of Styria



In view of the different conditions in different geographical areas, an urban, a suburban and a rural region in Styria will be examined and compared with one another (Graz, Graz-Surrounding, East Styria). In particular, the project focuses on the biographical breaks that are essential in young adulthood: “Graduation of studies or apprenticeship completion or career entry” and “Starting a family”. Examining the opportunities and risks associated with these biographical breaks, any fears and reservations regarding a green transformation concerning the mobility sector will also be highlighted. Of special interest is which differences have to be taken into account between urban and rural regions.

Research Topic