Strategies in the field of refurbishment in Carinthia

The European union recognized the meaning of the building sector for a sustainable development and defined with the building guideline a minimum standard (2002/91/EG) regarding the total energy efficiency of buildings.


Kärntner Sparkasse AG, Steiermärkische Sparkasse AG



The comprehensive refurbishment of the existing stock is a central field for the reaching of the Kyoto goals and the decrease of CO2-emissions. Also the Federal Republic of Carinthia has to deal with this topic. It offers at the same time the big chance to force the refurbishment of the existing building stock. The knowledge about the needs of the potential prospective customers is very important. An analysis of the technical and economical potential of refurbishment in Carinthia on basis of existing literature and by derivative from Austrian-data was provided. Furthermore the most important actors and stakeholders in the field of refurbishment in Carinthia were identified and the possibilities of the Carinthian funding institution for residential buildings were described. An analysis of the most frequent obstacles for refurbishment gives important knowledge for prospective orientation. Models for different variations of refurbishment in Carinthia were prepared.