ULaaDS – How does sustainable logistics work?


Since February 2021, IFZ is partner in the EU-project ULaaDs - Urban Logistics as an on-Demand Service. IFZ contributes its social science expertise in the field of participatory methods and stakeholder engagement.

The increasing delivery traffic causes problems in city traffic and reduces the quality of life in cities, for example due to increasing emissions of noise and pollutant. In the research and demonstration project ULaaDS possible solutions for sustainable on-demand logistics are developed together with the relevant stakeholders and then tested under real conditions in three cities - Bremen (Germany), Groningen (Netherlands) and Mechelen (Belgium). Local forums with city administration and relevant stakeholders in which demonstration projects is planned are currently taking place in the cities.

A new leaflet was created, which describes the project and links at the end to a video that demonstrates ULaaDs project's vision of sustainable delivery. Enjoy clicking through the leaflet and watching the video.