Process evaluation of the project „Code-Studio“

The project „Code Studio“ by the Vienna Business Agency will enable children between 10 and 12 years to get to know IT jobs and game programming beyond gender stereotypes in an environment outside school. Thus children should get the possibility to interest themselves for gender-a-typical hobbies and jobs even before they enter the job orientation phase in school.


Wirtschaftsagentur Wien




The IFZ has been entrusted with analysing these goals within a process evaluation study. With a pedagogical ethnography approach the project will be continuously evaluated and data analysed within the social system.

This participatory evaluation provides the opportunity to observe phenomena which eludes direct reflection in interviews or focus groups, because they are socially undesirable or because they are unconsciously happening.

Afterwards the analysed data from the pilot phase of the project will be discussed and validated with participants of the project „Code Studio”.