Medical Engieneering

We study the development and implementation of innovative technologies for medical applications. In doing so, we focus in particular on the challenges that arise from demographic change in the care and health sector.

For example, we are investigating how technological innovations can be ethically combined with new concepts of healthy aging and alternative ways of living (AAL-Active and Assisted Living). Through basic research, we address ethically sensitive and socially relevant issues, support R&D projects with regard to user needs and carry out studies on acceptance and trust in new medical technologies.

For more information, please contact Anita Thaler.

Research Topic

Our projects on this research topic

The goal of the PROTEA project is to foster a vivid collaboration of industry, research and gender experts from IFZ to develop and implement the benefits of 3D-printing of prostheses, taking into account gender and diversity aspects. 

In the FEMtech project "Multifunctional Data Patch for Vital and Movement Monitoring in Everyday Environments" (VITAPATCH), a new technology is developed which makes it possible to realize cost-efficient assessments on a medical quality level in a close to everyday life setting, as well as fitness and movement monitoring. ECG electrodes and piezoelectric sensors on ultra-thin stretchable adhesive foils will send signals to a smartphone app.